Keep Your Kids Protected With Parental Control Software

The Internet has an abundance of features and uses, and more are being created every parental Controlyear. The Internet has been a helpful resource for adults and children alike, as it is an information superhighway, ideal for homework and research. Many jobs, such as content writing and advertising, also rely on the Internet. However, the Internet also poses many dangers to children, dangers that need to be kept in check.

Cyberbullying, oversharing information, meeting new people, downloading unsafe materials, and pornography are among the many dangers of the modern Internet. With a quick search, anyone has access to thousands, even millions of porn websites, vulgar videos, and suspicious software that can harm the computer. Social networking websites also pose threats if not properly monitored by parents. Children and teenagers do not tell their parents everything: email accounts and accounts to other websites can easily be created without parental knowledge. These dangers can all be limited or prevented completely by traditional parental controls that come with the computer or browser, but some parents want to go even further.

Parental control software these days is available in many forms. The simplest forms of parental control software can block websites that parents find inappropriate, limit Internet usage by setting a timer, and monitoring conversations via email and instant messaging. The prices can range anywhere from completely free to over 100 dollars for three licenses. The programs are fairly simple to use and monitor Internet usage based on the ages of the children, based on user input.

Some programs like Net Nanny – internet filter and parental control software, go even further than this. These slightly more expensive programs can monitor usage based on the router or network they are connected to, allowing parents to monitor game consoles, smartphones, and tablets in addition to computers. Some programs can also monitor passwords, take screenshots while children are using a computer from time to time, and alert parents when their children post on social networking sites. However, these more advanced programs should generally only be used if a parent truly believes their child is communicating with someone dangerous.

It is natural for parents to be concerned about their children’s safety. This concern can be extended to the Internet. There are many types of parental control software available so parents can monitor what their kids do online.

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