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Who doesn’t love a fresh out of the shower smooth as a baby’s bottom feel?  As we women tend to age we need more and more help in achieving that wonderful feeling.  There are many lotions and scrubs out there that will help the natural woman feel her best, but the one that seems to be most popular these days is the brown sugar scrub.
The brown sugar scrub can be a completely natural body exfoliator that a person can make extremely cheap.  The recipe is also very easy to make.  Brown sugar is softer than white sugar and it will smooth out the skin easier than salt making it useful for the face and more sensitive skins.
There are three main ingredients.  These include brown sugar, oil of your choice, this could include coconut, olive or any other oil that you like.  The final ingredient would be an essential oil for a fragrance that you prefer.  If wanted a person could also mix extra vitamins into the scrub.  Vitamin A, E or C come in gel tabs which would be easy break open and mix into the concoction. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, the ingredients can be stored in a twist cap to keep it air tight.  When ready to use the brown sugar scrub make sure to stir the mixture since the oil will tend to separate out of the mix.  Another variation to make the recipe more organic is to use spices instead of the essential oils.  Adding cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg will make you smell like grandmas house full of fresh baked cookies. The benefits of the brown sugar scrub include exfoliation, smaller pores, healthier skin and some soothing aromatherapy. The scrub will shrink facial pores and can also hide some of the damage done to the skin by acne or other skin conditions.  Another benefit is the ability to help heal dry skin.  It could be used before shampoo to help get rid of dandruff on a dry scalp.  After a brown sugar scrub hair will look healthier and more shiny.
All of us know someone who enjoys the homemade gifts instead of something store bought.  This brown sugar scrub could be the prefect gift for that person.  Not only is it more economical but it can also be organic or at least made at home.  There is also something warm and fuzzy about making something from the heart to give away to a friend or loved one.  The brown sugar scrub would be a wonderful gift for someone who is suffering from an illness or who make just be going through a rough time. A brown sugar scrub is one of the most versatile beauty treatments anyone can have in their closet.  It is a cheap easy present as well as a wonderful beauty treatment. The calming effects of the simple smells and massaging feeling of rubbing the scrub on the hands could make anyone feel just a little better.

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